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Annual YSM Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines Review


*Conflict of Interest [BOTTOM LINE: Please provide a disclosure slide/statement at the beginning of each lecture.] -


*Acceptable Sample Disclosures [see attachment]


*Electronic Health Records (Guidelines for Student Access and Use) [BOTTOM LINE: Students can/should access the charts of their team's patients for purposes of patient care and educational assignments, using only their own log-in credentials, for up to 30 days after they are no longer involved in the patient's care. RESEARCH access must be in accordance with IRB-approved protocol.] -


*Flow of Information for Suboptimal Student Behavior or Performance (Procedure) [BOTTOM LINE: In the case of suboptimal student behavior/performance, the supervisor who observed the behavior should provide feedback directly to the student. If the feedback is not well-received or acted upon, the supervisor should then report the matter to the clerkship director.] -


*Grade Appeals Policy and Procedure (Clerkship, Elective, and Subinternship) [BOTTOM LINE: Students should not be coming directly to supervising faculty or residents to express concern about or appeal an evaluation that has already been submitted; if they approach you, please advise them to discuss directly with the clerkship director.] -


*Harassment, Mistreatment, Abuse & Work Hours (Procedure) [BOTTOM LINE: Students are asked to report any experiences of harassment/mistreatment/abuse and work hour violations in their clerkship evaluations and these reports are shared with school and departmental leadership. Faculty are "mandated reporters" of sexual harassment; if a student reports sexual harassment to you, please contact the clerkship director who will assist in making the appropriate report.] -


*Mid-Clerkship, Course Assessment, and Feedback [BOTTOM LINE: Faculty must provide feedback to students at the half-way point of each clinical rotation.] -


*Non-involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment [BOTTOM LINE: No faculty member or resident who is ever involved in a student's personal health care should be put in a position to evaluate them.] -


*Observership Policy [BOTTOM LINE: In order to avoid oversaturation of learners, "shadowing" students are not allowed in any clerkship or elective site.] -


*Performance of Invasive Procedures by Medical Students [BOTTOM LINE: Students should not perform invasive procedures on patients known to be Hepatitis C or HIV positive in the first 6 months of their clerkship year.] -


*Professionalism - Medical Student Professionalism Policy [BOTTOM LINE: This policy outlines in detail the expectations for student professionalism at YSM.] -


*Student Supervision and Safety on Required Clerkships Guidelines [BOTTOM LINE: The amount of supervision needed for students will vary according to the clinical task, the setting of care, the student's experience and comfort level. Students, residents, and faculty should have a shared understanding of expectations for a student's role on the team.] -


*Work Hours - Medical Student Clinical Work Hours [BOTTOM LINE: Students must adhere to the same Work Hours limits as residents.] -



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