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How is a hijab worn in the OR?:


1. I have a question about the SAP clerkship – what should be my next step?

(I) All administrative-related questions (eg schedules, didactics, assignments, absences, medhub, evaluations) should be emailed to Lee. Call swaps should be emailed to resident liaisons for approval.


(II) You may always email the resident liaisons or clerkship directors with any clinical, personal, or ethical issues.


(III) If an issue requires an immediate response (eg needle-stick, patient-care issue) please text or call the resident liaisons


(IV) If it is EM-related, please see


2.How do evaluations work?

There is always a lot of confusion regarding evaluations; we are constantly trying to figure out the best way to explain this/clarify it/make this info easily accessible. Please let us know if you have ideas!


There are three types of evaluations on your Surgery A and C rotations (EM is separate):


(I) Midclerkship Feedback: This form is to be used on Surgery A and C for performance feedback solely for your use and personal development. It can be filled out by an attending, fellow, resident, PA or APRN. We expect one to be filled out on every Surgery A and C rotation. However, you can get as many filled out as you would like. This is not seen by anyone but you and Lee and is purely for constructive feedback. You must turn in at least one. The reason for that minimum is to fulfill the LCME requirement. However, in the past, students have found it challenging to approach residents/faculty for feedback. Therefore, we suggest it as a mechanism to help you get feedback for each rotation. 


(II) Evaluations used for your final grade: every Surgery A and C rotation has a pre-selected faculty member that is responsible for filling out medical student evaluations. You may or may not have worked with this faculty member, but they are pre-selected by the administration. Every block, there is a team meeting among all attendings on the service, sometimes including fellows and residents to come up with a consensus evaluation. This all happens without you having to do anything.


(III) Medhub evaluations by you of faculty members: medhub will send you an email asking you to select evaluators. This is a misnomer--the people selected will NOT be filling out evaluations about you. It is purely a way for you to evaluate any faculty member you would like to. This does NOT go directly to the faculty member. Rather, it goes anonymously to the administration and they compile all feedback on that specific faculty member (from medical students and residents as far as we know) and give it to them in aggregate a couple times a year so that it is not tracked to any specific rotation or month. 

3. My assigned TEGS call is coming up – what do I do?

See ‘overnight expectations’ in the Orientation packet (also available on


  1. How do I page someone?

If it is an urgent or emergent clinical issue – always call if you have a direct contact number.

(I) For a four digit pager, when you are paging from a hospital (York St or Chapel St) land line: dial 128. Then at the tone enter the four digit pager number. At the next tone, enter your call back number followed by ‘#’. Be sure to use a call back number that is either a functional cell phone (not one with patchy service) or a landline you will be available to answer for the next ~15 minutes.

(II) If you are trying to reach a four digit pager and you are outside the hospital or using a cellphone, then call 203-688-6569 to access the paging system. Then at the tone enter the four digit pager number. At the next tone, enter your call back number followed by ‘#’.

(III) If it is not a four digit pager, eg 203-412-****, then dial the entire number and leave your call back number followed by ‘#’ at the tone.

(IV) The paging system is different at the VA and at Bridgeport.

4.How do I log into Wise MD?

Register on this site, and then access WISE MD through MedU.
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