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Hi guys


We’re looking forward to having you join us here in Surgery during your upcoming clerkship!  A couple things to note:



Where to go to find your schedules, assignments and other resources:


- - will have links to all schedules (rotation, didactic, SIM, orientation packet info, etc), along with a slew of other helpful resources.  Please check it out when you have a moment!  It’s now been updated to include the clerkship’s precede schedule on 3/27, which is also attached to this message…the schedule for the current week will always appear on the front page of that site.  



What you’ll be getting from me shortly:


1 - You’ll get an email from me sharing a ‘Yale Box’ folder.  Keep that handy…that’s the spot to submit all your portfolio requirements.  I’ll also assign you a didactic talk that you’ll base your question writing assignment on.  All requirements will be explained in detail during the afternoon of your precede, next Tuesday. 


What I need from you:


- - As part of your SAP clerkship, you will be required to take call. If you are doing TEGS, you will doing a week (Sat-Wed) of nights during that rotation. If you do not have TEGS, you will be required to take two calls; one weekend shift, and one overnight weekday shift. Please send us any dates that you can not take call during your SAP clerkship, and we will accommodate your schedule. In addition, if you are rotating at the VA, please let us know if you would like to do your weekend shift at the VA with your team, or if you would like it to be at Yale for a different experience.  We will not be able to accommodate requests after the call schedule is made so please think about what you have planned personally and professionally over the course of your clerkship. Submit your requests to by Friday 3/23 at midnight. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Hey gang


1 - has links at left including ‘Assignments and deadlines’, ‘Friday’s Faculty Talks’, ‘Finding your team’, even a full copy of our ‘Orientation Packet’…we’ll cover them at the precede, but you’re welcome to tinker around in advance if you like.  Let me know if you have any questions about how they work.  Click ‘Schedules’ and ‘...Winter ’20’ and you’ll now see a ‘Call' link atop your block schedule.  Click that to check out your relatively random assignments (you need a weekend and a weekday call, and can’t take call while on EM or Anesthesia...).  If you’d like to swap your call, please find a partner to trade with, and I’d be happy to make the change for you.


2 - You’ll see an email from me with a locker and combo…it’s a bit like the Wild West in the locker rooms these days, and locks and combinations often change without me knowing about it.  If you hit any bumps in the road (and some of you surely will) let me know and I’ll find you another locker.  You’ll also get a message from YaleBox, sharing a folder…that’s the spot where all of your portfolio requirements go…more on that when we meet this week.


3 - If you have any ID problems, specifically trouble getting scrubs from the scrub machine,grab the error code you see on the front of the machine (this is key) and email me with it straight away.


Thanks!  Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday!  

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