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2018 NEGEA Call for Collaborative Research Grant Proposals

In its strong support and encouragement of scholarship in medical education, the Northeast Group on Educational Affairs (NEGEA) provides funding to initiate new Medical Education Scholarship Research and Evaluation (MESRE) projects. The NEGEA seeks to stimulate the development of a community of educational scholars and thus is especially interested in projects promoting collaboration across institutions or across sections (UME, GME, CPD). Multiple research grants will be funded for up to a two- year period in either of the two NEGEA Collaborative Research Grant Award categories:

  1. Projects involving one NEGEA institution $3,000 up to a two-year period

  2. Projects involving the collaboration of two or more different NEGEA-affiliated institutions $6,000 up to a two-year period

All funded projects must be presented at an NEGEA annual conference.

Please see request for proposals for details.

Applications and inquiries should be addressed to Steven Rougas MD, MS, NEGEA MESRE Representative, by September 28th at

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